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Inner Dawn Yoga Introduces Chair Yoga!

chair yoga

When: Mondays @ 10:30am-11:30am (Starting Sept 14th)
8 week Series (Thanksgiving we are off)
Cost: $90.00 for 8 Weeks
Dress comfortably, loose baggy clothing, bring water and your smiling self! We provide all other supplies.

Chair Yoga is a gentle yet strengthening form of yoga using a chair to sit and practice several postures and breathing techniques. The chair might also be used as a way to encourage balance by using the chair as a support. It is beneficial for those of you with disabilities or inflexibility that might restrict you from sitting or lying comfortably on the floor, weight challenges, age, chronic pain or injury related restrictions. Everyone can benefit from a daily practice of yoga, and we wish to guide you into a practice where you can learn to take it home with you.
Each week you will practice mindfulness while drawing the attention inward to fully and completely become present and create body awareness. Eye exercises, breathing (pranayama), facial exercises and range of motion within all areas of the body will be a strong focus. Right/left brain activities, movement to increase heart rate, stretching, strengthening and balance will be taught to create overall health and wellness within the body. The classes will also involve some form of meditation for supported relaxation and clarity. In this class we focus on encouraging joint mobility, spinal flexibility, better bone density, neural right-left brain coordination, cardiovascular and muscular strength & flexibility building, self-awareness and acceptance. By participating in the series, you will find sleep is easier, breathing is longer/deeper/smoother, your physical body is leaner, stronger and healthier, and your mind is calmer and more peaceful.

*This class is restricted to 10 clients only to provide you with a very one-on-one guided instruction throughout the series*
Please register online or by calling 519-491-7949 or email





MIND BODY TIPS:  How to Cancel A Class

To cancel a class: sign into Mindbody using your username and password.

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When you have signed in click on the class you have registered for, but are unable to attend. On the right hand side there is a “cancel” option, click that. Now you have “Early Cancelled” from the class and your spot now becomes available again.


   Please leave a voicemail or email and we will return the message within 24 hours. The studio is open approximately half hour before and after each class.

Lisa our studio owner is currently at home with her new son, enjoying a Maternity Leave. Contact our studio manager Sara Lamontagne for any inquiries.






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