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6 Week Yoga Introduction Series: What is Yoga Anyway?

This 6 week series will introduce you to the practice of YOGA. Wondering what all the buzz is about? Nervous to start? Want to learn MORE than just asana (postures)? This is the series for YOU! This 6-week introduction is open to brand new beginners as well as those who wish to reconnect with the fundamentals of yoga.  Inner Dawn Yoga is a studio that offers enlightening and inspiring classes where we strive to teach you more than the basic postures. We want you to recognize there is SO MUCH MORE than just throwing down your mat and spending an hour or so doing movements or exercise.  You will learn how to connect with yourself and your practice on a deeper level.

Come and join us on the mat, in our beautiful waterfront studio and delve into this brief introduction of the basics of a full rounded yoga practice.  Begin to connect with not only your physical body, but your mind, your soul and your heart. You will leave this series with an understanding of the beautiful journey of yoga so that you can tap deeper into your practice both on and off your mat.

Week 1: Pranayama (Breathing), Sankalpha (Learning to set your intention), Sanskrit (what are all those funny names anyway?), Seated and Standing Postures

Week 2: Meditation, Hip Openers

Week 3: Chakras, Bandhas, Core Strength Postures

Week 4: Mudras, Arm Balances, Heart Opening Postures

Week 5: Koshas and Surya Namaskar A & B

Week 6: The Eight Fold Path and History of Yoga, Inversions

Dates: Tues nights 7-8:45pm

Cost: Non-member- $220.00 plus tax / Member: $200.00 plus tax

Taught by: Lisa Craig-Studio Owner and Registered Vinyasa Flow Teacher-Lisa has taught over 2000 hours of classes, workshops and trainings.

Schedule: July 15, 22nd, (No class July 29th) Aug 5th, 12th, 19, 26th

Class size:  This series will be limited to at most 8 committed students, so you’ll get lots of individual attention and personal guidance.

REGISTER BY: CONTACTING LISA AT lisa@innerdawnyoga.com or call 519-49-7949

You are never too old, too tight, or too weak to begin!  In 8 weeks you will feel more alive, stronger, more flexible, centered, knowledgeable, and have some awareness and insight to the practice of YOGA.

July Workshop


This is a 2 part workshop that will introduce you to the ancient practice of Mantra Meditation. Mantra Meditation is a powerful practice of sound and when we tap into this energy we have the ability to accumulate personal power for spiritual advancement. With Sanskrit sound we draw energy into the body which dissolves difficulties and improves our lives in many different areas. By working with a daily Mantra Meditation Practice you can learn how to heal, organize and connect with energies of the universe and find yourself feeling better, smiling more and living the life of your dreams.

Before successfully practicing Mantra Meditation, you need to understand the principles of this system. The first part of this workshop will explain to you the underlying use of mantras, the energy body, the chakras, working with a mala and how to start and keep a daily meditation practice.

The second part will introduce you to the Mantra Meditation Practice itself-we will practice two different mantras.


Thursday July 24th 5:30pm-7:30pm-Part #1

Thursday August 7th 5:30-7:30pm-Part #2

Cost: Member-$50



Mon July 14th & Mon Aug 11th


Class will be held at Canatara Park starting with a Yoga Practice on the beach followed by Walking Meditation through the park and a light snack.

Ages: 4-11

Cost:$20.00 per class

*Family discount available*

Register by contacting Lisa at 519-491-7949

Reserve your spot for July by the 12th

August by the 9th

Check out our schedule for class times and descriptions.



IDY is now offering a lunchie class pass for $56.50/10 classes. Come and get calm, centered and focused for the rest of your day! Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:15-12:45pm





Lisa Craig CYT, RYT 200