• Lisa's love for and understanding of yoga is inspiring. She has an intuitive sense of what her students need. Lisa is compassionate and joyful, firmly encouraging individual growth. Yoga with Lisa is invigorating!

    Jennifer McFadden

  • I have had the pleasure and privilege of having Lisa as a Yoga Teacher for the past 2 years. Lisa has always made my practice comfortable and enjoyable. She has taught me a lot about myself over the years and has made me grow as an individual through my everyday life and Yoga Practice.   Her positive energy, enthusiasm, and smile will make you want to come back for more!

    Sam McCormick

  • I have had the pleasure to know Lisa for the past three years, as a teacher, as a friend and now fortunately as a fellow yoga instructor. Lisa’s kind nature and diligence in teaching all students to strive excellence is the reason I wanted to start teaching yoga to my students-to make a positive impact for the future of students’ lives. Lisa Craig is a positive force daily in the school, in the community and on a global level teaching events like Earth Day. She has the ability to make learning enjoyable for all students; whether it is teaching advanced students or students in high school attempting yoga for the first time. Lisa provides students with the fascination of learning. Lisa provides a safe teaching environment with her words and actions which enables all students to not feel threatened but to “simply be” wherever they are metaphorically in a pose or in life. This return on investment is and will be valuable to the youth and society in every manner. In closing I feel Lisa challenges and motivates all beings to be the best that they can be in life.


    Bill Reid BPhed & Yoga Teacher

  • I was introduced to Lisa as the Teacher of my first yoga class. While I was initially intimidated by the other participants, Lisa quickly put me at ease through her calming influence and encouragement. I’ve been studying with Lisa for over a year and, with Lisa’s guidance, developed the techniques to truly embrace my practice. I’ve experienced the relaxed and renewed feeling of well-being that comes from a simple discipline of breathing, stretching and pose. Lisa is a patient teacher. She truly defines and embodies the elements of the physical, mental and spiritual and I look forward to continuing my journey with Lisa towards inner peace.

    Deb Watson


  • I have been inspired by Lisa. Her energy is strong and compassionate, what she brings to the mat is truly a gift. Because of Lisa, yoga has become a part of my life, something I take wherever I go. The balance Lisa creates in her class is something I’ve always admired…the physical and mental balance has changed my everyday life. I am always excited to practice with Lisa, each day feels like a new experience. Her classes challenge the body, open the heart and lift the spirit. I have great respect for Lisa as a teacher and now a friend. Thank you for your dedication Lisa.

    Julie Kohlmeier


  • I started yoga lessons with Lisa Craig in 2012, both privately and in a group class. Her passion for yoga and her students shows in every class. She incorporates not only yoga poses but the mind and spiritual connection as well. Her Chakra Flow class especially gives you a greater sense of self and is emotionally enlightening. She works with beginners to advanced students, always giving modifications and proper instruction for each pose-making you feel comfortable with the level that you're at. She is very kind, knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to begin yoga or develop their practice further.

    Lisa Rogers


  • I am grateful for the gift of studying and practicing yoga with teacher Lisa Craig. Our work together has helped to not only strengthen my core and significantly improve my overall flexibility, but more importantly it has helped me calm my nervous system and find a place of balance in this busy world. Unlike much of the modern day yoga approaches, Lisa has remained fiercely true to the roots of yoga practice and philosophy. Her classes offer a holistic practice of insightful meditation, breath work and restorative poses intertwined with challenging, classical yoga postures. She helps her students understand that an "all or nothing" attitude is simply not sustainable on or off the mat. With Lisa's guidance one can learn that we need not try harder, but instead learn to relax into who we already are."

    Dr. Lisa Thompson


  • Jennifer McFadden
  • Sam McCormick
  • Peace
  • Deb Watson
  • Julie Kohlmeier
  • Lisa Rogers
  • Dr. Lisa Thompson